Hey everyone!

We're excited to announce the launch of Jurassic Skyblock: Season Two, which will open its doors on Saturday, June 6th, at 3:00 PM EST.

Season Two brings with it a treasure trove of new gameplay elements that will be sure to bring Jurassic Skyblock more in-line with what we imagine Skyblock with Dinosaurs to look and feel like.

šŸ… Island Top Prizes

One major change we're making with this season is the removal of cash prizes. This was a topic that was discussed quite a bit internally, and the decision has been made to pivot to monthly store gift card prizes rather than weekly cash prizes. Our reasoning behind this change is that we wish to reach a very different demographic of players than that of the previous iteration of Solumic. We still intend to provide natural competitiveness through the Island Top system and store prizes, however, the toxicity and negativity that comes with cash prizes is what we do not wish to foster any longer.

At the end of every month, the following prizes will be distributed to the top three islands found in /island top:

šŸ„‡ 1st Place: $100 Gift Card
šŸ„ˆ 2nd Place: $75 Gift Card
šŸ„‰ 3rd Place: $50 Gift Card

šŸ¦– Dinosaurs

Let's now take an in-depth look at the focus of this season: MORE DINOSAURS!

We've heard your concerns from the start with a lack of dinosaur specific gameplay. When we started our re-write of Solumic back in December of 2019, we didn't intend to focus so specifically on one theme on each of our gamemode(s). Since then, we've decided to integrate dinosaurs as essential parts of gameplay, and we've got a lot more coming in the form of future updates to flesh out the reality of building a "Jurassic Park" on your Island. There are many components that go hand-in-hand with this season, which are broken down below:

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ³ Recipes

There are three different types of Recipes you can unlock:

  • Incubator - Place dinosaur eggs inside of incubators in order to begin the hatching process.
  • Dinosaur Eggs - Craft dinosaur eggs using fossils and valuable blocks.
  • Enclosures - Hatch dinosaur eggs into enclosures once they are ready to emerge from their shell.

Recipes can be unlocked through the /dinosaur recipes menu, using in-game money and gems.

ā›ļø Fossil Mine

Take a trip to the fossil mine in order to uncover rare dinosaur fossils. The price of admission for each trip to the fossil mine will increase until you reach a certain threshold, at which point the price will remain constant.

Each trip to the fossil mine will last one hour, with statistics displayed in /dinosaur mine and your action-bar as to how many fossils you've collected. You're able to visit the fossil mine as many times as you want as long as it's within the trip duration (so you can go back and forth between your island and the mine willingly).

šŸ„š Incubators

Once you've crafted a dinosaur egg, you can place it within an Incubator to begin hatching it. Incubators are one of two structures you can construct on your Island in relation to the dinosaur update.

You can only have one Incubator per Island. This will change in future updates, however in its current iteration, the limit of one Incubator has proven to be a useful balancing tool. In order to build an Incubator on your Island, you must craft an Incubator Builder from the /dinosaur recipes menu.

Placing an Incubator Builder on your Island, in a cleared out area, will begin the building process of that structure. Once it's completed, you'll be able to place an egg inside it to begin hatching it.

You will be required to complete /quests in order to progress hatching. Daily Quests will give 20% hatching and Weekly Quests will give 30% hatching progress.

šŸ  Enclosures

Once an egg has reached 100% completion in the Incubator, it is ready to be hatched into an Enclosure.

Enclosures are dinosaur specific, meaning each dinosaur has a separate type of enclosure you have to build for it. Enclosures, just like Eggs and Incubators, are made craftable by unlocking the recipe in /dinosaur recipes and then following the indicated crafting recipe.

Enclosures are the second type of structure that will slowly build on your Island once placed. Unlike Incubators, which have a limit of one per island, the amount of Enclosures depend on the type of species and your rank:

  • Beginner (default rank): 1 Enclosure per Species (4 total)
  • Master (top seasonal rank): 2 Enclosures per Species (8 total)
  • Nomad, Explorer, and Voyager (first three donator ranks): 3 Enclosures per Species (12 total)
  • Hunter and Caveman (top two donator ranks): 4 Enclosures per Species (16 total)

šŸ¦• Dinosaur Effects

So naturally, you're probably wondering why you'd go through the effort of hatching dinosaurs. No, it's not just to show-off and look cool.

Each of the four dinosaurs present in this update give you a unique effect helpful to your Island:

Velociraptor - Increases the chance of getting valuable blocks through cobblestone generators in its area of effect.

Stegosaurus - Increases the EXP drop rate of all mobs spawned and killed on your Island in its area of effect.

Mammoth - Increases the drop rate of all crops planted on your Island in its area of effect.

Tyrannosaurus - Increases the spawning rate of all mobs spawned on your Island in its area of effect through spawners.

Each dinosaur, once placed in an Enclosure, starts at Level 1, and in baby form. Each dinosaur can be upgraded to Level 10, at which point its radius and multiplier for the special effect will be the maximum possible one. When your dinosaur reaches Level 5, it will turn from a baby into an adult.

Having multiple of the same dinosaur within the same area of effect will stack the multipliers they give up to a maximum limit. The maximum multiplier will be indicated in the /dinosaur menu.

šŸ§° Other Notable Changes

  • A ton of new content creators will be making their debut on Season Two!
  • The fly ability has been removed from our store and the top rank. All users that have purchased the fly ability or the top rank in previous seasons will retain permanent access to it. The fly ability has been replaced with rocket boots that use fuel and can be obtained in-game and on our store.
  • The ability to silk touch spawners has been removed in favor of a spawner wrench system that can be obtained in-game and on our store.
  • Island Templates have been added to the top seasonal rank and all donator ranks.
  • Donator ranks will now only receive the /kit and /reward for that rank.
  • /rewards for seasonal and donator ranks have been nerfed by half.
  • Added an Island name limit of 32 characters.
  • Added management properties for Void Chests, Minions, and Chunk Hoppers. This means you can now give access to other players using their respective menus.
  • Several bug fixes in line with certain servers on the network falling out of sync.
  • Several performance bottlenecks have been lifted to ensure a better experience.
  • Our webstore theme has been redesigned.
  • A new, much larger hub has been added to the network.
  • Become one with the force by joining the Dark Side or fighting alongside the Rebels in our limited edition Star Wars crate!