Solumic has a few rules that we have to create a friendly and secure experience for all of our players. We're happy to clarify any questions you may have regarding a specific rule or question – just ask a member of our staff team.

If you don't follow these rules, you will be punished!

Chat and Discord Rules

We want to ensure that all users feel safe and can enjoy playing on Solumic, so we've created some simply chat policies/rules to encourage positive behavior.


Any form of advertising such as linking another server's Discord or saying another server's IP address is not allowed.


Spamming will not be tolerated on Solumic. This includes both chat and command spam. Chat spam is when a player floods public chat. Generally this would be 3 or more messages in quick succession. This can also include excessive use of the character limit, such as “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or using excessive caps like “GIVE ME MY SWORD BACK”.

Command spam is when a player spams a command like /tp or /msg causing inconvenience to other players, this again would be 3 or more commands in quick succession. This does not apply if players are having a simple conversation in public chat.

Player and Staff Disrespect

Disrespecting players or our staff members is not allowed. We are committed to providing a safe space to play.

Excessive cursing

Swearing constantly towards someone is prohibited.

Inappropriate Content

This rule covers anything that we feel would be considered inappropriate towards our players. Generally, this rule covers sexual or explicit content. If something said is inappropriate and does not fall under any other rule, this rule applies.

Staff and Player Impersonation

You may not impersonate staff members or other players on our network. This means using /nick to make players think you are someone you are not.

Death Threats

Telling people to "kill themselves" or using the acronym "kys" anywhere on our network is forbidden. Anything along those lines are considered death threats.

Bigotry/Hate Speech and Discrimination

Bigotry/Hate Speech or discrimination will never be tolerated.

DDoS and Dox Comedy

Joking about DDoS or Doxing is not allowed.

Server Rules

There's various common-sense rules for the Minecraft server that must be followed to ensure a fair, safe and enjoyable playing experience.

Unfair Advantage

The use of any modification/client that gives a player an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. This would include the use of a hacked client, ghost client and illegal modifications (e.g. modify mods such as schematica to make it break blocks automatically.)

This is not an exhausted list of unfair advantages.

Automated Work

Using Macros or similar to advertise island warps for example is fine as long as the interval is longer than 20 minutes. The chat should not be flooded with advertisements of the same island. AFK Mining is allowed (i.e leaving something heavy on the mouse). Doing anything else by botting or scripting would not be allowed and punishable.

Ban and Mute Evasion

Using another account to talk/play on the server while another account is banned or muted is not allowed.

Inappropriate Skins and Usernames

Having an inappropriate skin or username is not allowed.

Alt Abuse

Only 2 additional accounts can be used per player. Alt Islands are allowed however the 2 alt limit remains in place.

Bug Abuse

With the amount of custom features we have on the network, there are bound to be issues that people find. Using a bug, no matter if it gives you an economical advantage or not is not allowed and will not be tolerated. If you find someone using a bug, it is to be reported in Discord along with their IGN and video evidence and management will decide the punishment.

IRL Trading

IRL Trading is when you try and sell items you own on Solumic for IRL Cash of any kind. For instance, me selling a void chest for a $5 Amazon Giftcard or $5 PayPal is considered IRL Trading.