Hey everyone!

I'm back with our latest update for Jurassic Skyblock, introducing a new piece of content, several bug fixes, and a new store offering.

🦴 Fossil Fund

Fred from the Fossil Fund has arrived at the Solumic Spawn!

Fred will offer a new deal every 24 hours, in which he will buy a randomized quantity of fossils for a randomized price.

You can access Fred's deals by visiting him at /spawn or by typing /fossilfund anywhere on the server. This update diversifies the economy further in our effort to keep the meta constantly evolving.

In an effort to add balance to this new economy mechanism, Fred will only buy a certain amount of the fossil he's currently interested in each day. The randomized quantity and price are selected with every scheduled reboot, and will be sent in a message to you whenever you next login to the server after the deal is selected.

💨 Fast Place Perk

We've had a ton of requests to add in a solution to place valuables on your Island faster. Today, we're releasing the Fast Place Perk on our Store.

Upon purchase, you'll unlock Fast Place Level 1 for Vertical and Horizontal mode. Equipping the Vertical or Horizontal mode, by default, will place 8 blocks vertically or horizontally as long as you have the required amount of blocks in your inventory.

You can upgrade your Fast Place Level for each mode to a maximum of Level 3 using the in-game Gems currency. Gems are obtained by completing various goals, such as killing mobs, farming crops, and fishing.

We plan on adding at least one more Fast Place mode through a future content update. Purchasing Fast Place now will give you access to all future modes when they're released.

You can find the Fast Place Perk here.

💵 Economy Changes & Bug Fixes

The following changes and fixes have been implemented since Jurassic Skyblock 2.1:

  • Island Upgrades have been re-enabled on our Store under the Bonus Content category.
  • Spawner buy prices have been reduced by 25% in /shop
  • Honey Bottle sell prices have been reduced from $500/bottle to $250/bottle
  • All non-automated crop sell and buy prices have been increased by 50% in /shop
  • The Red Guard Redstone Limiter has been removed
  • The Anti-AFK chest has been removed from Generators
  • /ah item cancellation has been added
  • Fixed an issue with Sell Wand tax report formatting
  • Fixed an issue where certain users were unable to open the /quests menu
  • Prevented the listing of Air within the Auction House
  • Fixed issues across numerous features relating to 1.16 color formatting
  • Spawner Wrenches will correctly pick up stacked spawners and regular spawners, and go directly into your inventory
  • Removed redundant name history system to push for better performance and hopefully fix certain crash conditions
  • Fixed several issues with Chunk Hoppers interfering with other containers
  • Introduced new redundancies for Island saving and performance
  • Added 1.16 and 1.16.1 support