Hey everyone!

What an awesome first week it's been since launch. We hit 100 players for the first time in Solumic's history today, with a lot more on the horizon. We can't wait to continuously cultivate the community and grow it into something much larger. Updates will be fast and frequent, so stay tuned on our Discord and Website to learn about them first.

šŸ§° Quality of Life Changes

This first week has been focused towards creating several quality of life changes necessary to enhance the base server. Lots of small features were missing in Season One, which we've rectified with this update. Additionally, some balancing tweaks have been made which will be live over the next 12 hours. Let's get into what's new:

  • Nerfed all Dinosaur Recipe and Upgrade prices by 25% (live on reboot)
  • Increased Fossil Mine fossil spawning rate by 100%
  • Opened Staff Applications
  • Added tab completion support for player names across the network
  • Added a sorted tab list displaying ranks
  • Added a Starter kit
  • Welcome messages now reach Islands
  • Added helpful descriptions to /shop
  • Added a /kits menu
  • Added a help menu with subcategories (/help)
  • Added a book that players spawn in with when they first join to give information on server gameplay
  • Added a support tab to our site
  • Added Rank and Crate icons to our store (more to come soon)
  • The IP and Store now alternate on the scoreboard
  • Fixed the /discord command not allowing certain users to sync their accounts
  • Fixed an issue where seasonal ranks weren't getting their previously unlocked commands
  • Fixed a duplication exploit in the Auction House
  • Fixed a duplication exploit using the Island Bank
  • Prevented the use of fishing rods by Guests on Islands
  • Fixed an issue where natural weather was overriding the /is setting for weather
  • Increased the gem chances for killing mobs, fishing, and harvesting crops
  • Reduced gem stack size from 5 to 1
  • Added warps to areas such as Crates, The Lab, and more (live on reboot)
  • Added the required sizes for Incubators and Enclosures in their lore and in the /dinosaur menu
  • Added several items to /shop such as raw meat and fish
  • Fixed an issue where purchase broadcasts weren't reaching Islands
  • Fixed an issue were voting wasn't working on Islands (live on reboot)
  • Re-did player data storage to ensure better fail-safes for certain data loss events
  • Renamed Void Chests to Sell Chests (live on reboot)

šŸ“… The Future

You can expect to see a lot more from us over the next couple weeks! We've got tons in the works content-wise, but we're excited to announce now that changes and upgrades will be coming to:

  • Minions
  • Kits
  • Fishing
  • Quests
  • Content Creators

We're just getting started! As we continue to grow our community, we encourage you to participate by sharing community feedback and your builds with us on Discord! We're excited to see what you can come up with.