Hey everyone!

This blog post was written 30 minutes before all of our island data was wiped, so half of this introductory paragraph has been deleted, which spoke about how well things were starting to go for Solumic.

We've learnt from our mistakes and have put several fail-safe measures in place to ensure this never happens again. If you haven't seen from Discord, we've also done the following:

  • Payouts for the first week will be doubled
  • All store bought items such as Crate Keys and Wands have been re-sent
  • All players have /fly for the first 24 hours of this map
  • /kit sorry is available for the first 72 hours, containing some useful starting loot

Certain content will be live at the time this post goes live, and some will go live over the coming days. This is so we can isolate issues easier before pushing a load of content all at once. This post will be updated on a daily basis with what content has already gone live, and we'll also let you know about the status of pending features over on our Discord server.

πŸ€ Bonus Keys

It's almost the end of the month, meaning our seasonal St. Patrick's Day keys are leaving the store in just under 7 days! We're running the following promotion until the end of the month, to give you a last minute shot at unlocking our seasonal cosmetics, which will never be available in the store again:

  • Purchasing 1x St. Patrick's Day Keys will give you 1x bonus key (2 total)
  • Purchasing 3x St. Patrick's Day Keys will give you 2x bonus keys (5 total)
  • Purchasing 15x St. Patrick's Day Keys will give you 3x bonus keys (18 total)

Due to recent downtime and unfortunate events, St. Patrick's Day Keys will be available until the end of the week (April 4th).

You can find our limited edition keys at the following link: https://store.solumic.com/category/crate-keys

πŸ’Ž Seasonal Ranks

Seasonal ranks are ranks that you can unlock in-game using money and playtime, which are useful on a per-season basis. This means that every new season of Jurassic Skyblock, these ranks will be reset. Every seasonal rank has a reward that can be claimed every 72 hours, which you can access by visiting the second page in /rewards.

You'll be able to unlock cool perks, items, and cosmetics through this system. There are six seasonal ranks currently:

  • Beginner
  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Adept
  • Journeyman
  • Expert
  • Master

You can upgrade your seasonal rank by typing /rankup, or view all seasonal ranks and their requirements via /ranks.


πŸ“₯ Chunk Hoppers

Chunk hoppers, as the name suggests, are hoppers that instantly pick up items that fall within the chunk they're placed in. There are currently three tiers of chunk hoppers, which contain the following properties:

Tier 1

  • Picks up items that fall within the chunk they're placed in
  • Vanilla (default) hopper transfer speed and item transfer size
  • Available through the Quest Point shop

Tier 2

  • Picks up items that fall within the chunk they're placed in
  • Vanilla (default) Β hopper transfer speed
  • Transfers 8 items at once rather than the default behavior of 1
  • Available by looking at a Tier 1 hopper and typing /hopper; upgradable using the Gems currency

Tier 3

  • Picks up items that fall within the chunk they're placed in
  • Transfers items 2x as fast as a normal hoppper
  • Transfers 32 items at once rather than the default behavior of 1
  • Link a chest placed within the same chunk as this hopper for instant virtual storage (/hopper)
  • Filter what items you want captured within this hopper (/hopper)
  • Bypasses the island hopper limit
  • Available exclusively through our store: https://store.solumic.com/category/items-and-perks
Hopper Management Menu (/hopper)
Hopper Item Filter (Tier 3 Exclusive)

🏠 Auction House (Coming Soon)

The auction house is making a return to Solumic over this next week, with a refreshed look and feel with some exciting new features. You'll now be able to create three different types of auctions:

  • BIN (Buy it Now): List an item for a fixed price
  • Bid: List an item with a starting bid
  • Hybrid: List an item with both a starting bid, and a fixed price

You'll also now be able to subscribe to auction notifications for specific items, or automatically receive them if you begin to bid on an item.

Middle clicking an item will turn on auction notifications, which will provide you a message every time a player is out-bid, every 15 minutes until the item is sold, and finally when the item is sold.

Based on your rank, you'll be able to list an increasing number of items at once, and have a longer max auction time. When an auction expires (no one bids or buys), it'll be moved to a separate menu, where you can claim your items back and re-list them if you so desire.

Expired Auctioned Items

To create an auction, you'll type /ah sell while holding an item, or by using the syntax /ah sell <type of auction> [BIN price] [Starting bid].

/ah sell

βž• Skyblock Addons

We're adding several new pieces of content to our core Skyblock framework:

  • Two new island settings – Mob Spawning, and Explosions
  • Ability to view island members by right-clicking an island within /island top
  • /island statistics [player] – Displays island name, level, privacy setting, bank balance, leader, and island members
  • /island directory – Displays a menu with all online islands ranked by the most members online. Only islands that have their privacy setting set to public will be displayed here
  • /island coop [player] & /island expel [player] – Member role permissions will be granted to that player, which reverts to Guest when the island owner or temporary member logs off, whichever comes first. This will only be possible if the island has an available member slot, and if so, the temporary member will take up that slot temporarily while co-op'd
  • If the island is public, the island leader will be required to set a spawn point for guests
/is settings

πŸ”§ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where stacked spawners counted as only 1 on the island top breakdown
  • Fixed an issue where you could steal berries off of players islands
  • Fixed an exploit where you could join an island even if the island member slots were all taken up
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from completing the fishing related quests
  • Fixed an issue where you could place valuable blocks outside the island's border
  • Removed Quartz, Diamond Blocks, and Emerald blocks from cobblestone generators
  • Setup automated backups of island structures and other essential data
  • Fixed an issue causing the Nomad rank's /reward to not work
  • Added /playtime for players trying to upgraded their seasonal rank

As I mentioned above, we'll be updating you on Discord when the latter two features get pushed live. We're also starting our promotional content push later today, with several new content creators. Look forward to seeing some new faces online, and help them out whenever possible!

Stay safe amidst COVID-19, and make sure to wash your hands!